Entérate de todo

Enter your expenses

Forget about checking crumpled receipts or carrying a notebook and a pen that never appears. Enter to your mobile any cash expenses you make, in two simple and quick steps.

Objetivos y previsiones

Control your expenses

You can review your expenses in cash at any time and see when and what you spent it on. You can also compare your monthly expenses by category.

Recibos, inversiones y mucho más

Management of cash entries and total

You can also write down the money in cash that you get. Like when you are in charge of buying a gift and each one gives you his part.

And you can always correct the total amount of cash you really have.

Integrado en MyValue

Integrated with MyValue

If you are a user of MyValue, everything you enter in Tus Gastos will automatically appear on the web, and vice versa.

Frequent questions

  • Do I have to be a MyValue user to use Tus Gastos?

    No. Tus Gastos is an app that can be used independently of MyValue. However, when you register a user in Tus Gastos, this same user will also be valid in MyValue, where you can discover many other features apart from the management of your cash.

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