MyValue on your mobile

With the MyValue App you will always know what is your available money wherever you are. You no longer have excuses, managing all your accounts has never been so easy and simple.

As safe as in your bank

MyValue uses the same security protocols as banks, in addition to that, you must know this tool allows only reading your positions. You will not be able to operate. Remember that without your operation signature keys it is impossible to do any operation at the bank.

Find out everything (that happens in your pocket)

MyValue has the best technology to help you categorize, understand and control your finances. Since 2010, with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, we have improved our product to offer you the best.

Objectives and forecasts

We want to help you take control of your finances and know where your income goes. We also want to put in your hands an easy way to save and a help to guide your expenses month by month..

Receipts, investments and much more

You will know when your next receipts will be charged, how your investments are going, if you can save something on your insurance and what is your global position.

We have many functionalities waiting for you.

"A completely new online application in Spain that follows the trail of successful US companies."

"If you have several bank accounts or are unable to control your money, you are interested in trying MyValue"

"MyValue, a smart application to easily control your accounts and help you save."

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